by Octopoulpe

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Scorn & Hate 03:12
Don't pretend you care about me Stop acting like my jokes are funny You don't belong to my family I know you think that you're better than me Die. I just want you to die Do you need to show me how great your life is? All I ever hear out of you is pure shit That's how I feel now That's all you get now Is there something you don't understand? Just leave me alone, I'm not one of your friends
Revenge Explosion Violence Addiction You don't know yet but you're already dead Don't mess up with Ken He can beat them all
First step on this planet called earth We know that humans don't like to welcome the strangers I saw a UFO crossing the sky then I heard weird stories from people in town Your flesh seems warm and tender Where could we get a sample? Let's start a business with your leader We should initiate the contact Give them some local food and let's see how they react What brought you here? We came in peace from the Digou planet It's hard to believe. We have a mission, we're not ready to leave Some people are missing, it doesn't make sense A kid told me she saw you eating a man Be welcome to our spaceship. Bring your family Back home, wearing human skin will become trendy A l'attaque Human harvest for the Digou planet Listen to this. We cannot stand your dirty music Dance, you cannot resist. We have to leave. This world is sick We have to leave because this world is fucking sick
Try the nectar of the gods Filite - Fight life You searched for years, trying to find your poison The day has come The green shape of delight Barley flavor Brewed with love and dedication Don't waste a drop of your can of Fight life Wanna see brighter colors for less than 2 dollars? A cheaper taste than all those fancy brands but the best option when you're broke as fuck
Shugeibu 01:53
お母さんを袋に詰めたら外道 私をトイレに流したらキチガイ 子供をバラバラにしたら人間になった どこに行っても 誰が言っても 何をしても誰もいない 脳天カチ割りキチガイよ! ヤバイ 手芸部
고양이는 사과를 먹어요 사과는 고양이를 먹고싶어요
Mistigry 02:07
Pour finir encore, crâne seul dans le noir Crâne donc pour finir seul dans le lieu clos Oui, pour finir encore. Au lieu de s'étreindre Ciel gris, nuage, sable gris, désert L'expulsé raide parmi ses ruines Ciel gris, poussière, océan sans ride A l'infini l'enfer dans un souffle Aujourd'hui d'humeur carnassière Verser du sel sur tes plaies Te plonger en mon enfer T'asphyxier au zyklon Chevalet de la torture Jovial jour de plomb Sculpter ta sépulture Quand j'en aurai fini avec toi, tu me supplieras Tu voudras que je recommence encore et encore Ton sourire enjôleur je le tournerai douleur Ramasse donc tes dents
In a group there's always a looser For sure, in this team you're the one Just kill yourself Your Sais are as scary as a toothpick Leonardo is the leader Micky is the party one Donatello is the brains And you're just a piece of crap Get out of here, Nobody will miss you Don't worry, 3 turtles are enough Even Splinter your master Thinks you're just a piece of crap Just kill yourself, you suck
One more dream is broken Another hope is gone when the game is over we will all die alone Keep your eyes wide open Life is not a fairytale Look in the mirror, you already started to change Darkness is everywhere Turn back to dust Nothing lasts Even your pretty face Your loves and friendships All your memories Whatever you do the end is the same The world is full of disappointment Flesh decays. Everything fades so fast We believe it's gonna be forever But nothing lasts
In the heart of a squatted place, we heard there is a show tonight Those guys look sick and dirty, I hope we won't have to fight Undercover heroes I feel so great. The power turns me on. Be on your guard, I don't feel safe I guess there are some drugs around People act weird. They keep looking at us, but I'm sure no one knows who we really are Undercover heroes It's not even 12 My right leg cannot stop moving by itself We are the arm of justice We need to clean the neighborhood At the bar they said the last band is loud He's a solo guy coming from Seoul
Daegu city Punk rock End of the show, pack your stuff Put your shit in a taxi cab Ready for the most expensive ride I can't believe everything is gone But like the phoenix, I'll be reborn I just need some time to make new masks Here we are, the octopus is back
No more fun and no more desire I've been stuck here for years No idea where I'm going now I just know it's time to leave Forget all the bad decisions I need to leave my fears behind Don't say I didn't warn you We're out of time I carry bags of memories But I should burn them down It's not the end of the story There is so much more to come Fight the boredom Let's move on Every single day I feel I'm drowning So let's move on Don't think too much and act Let's move on Every single day I feel I'm drowning So let's move on
J'ai grandi en écoutant tes chansons Tes coups de gueule, tes prises de position Tu m'as fait pleurer, tu m'as fait mourir de rire Ta voix m'apaise et m'aide à m'endormir Quand on prend la route avec les copains Dans mon van la fête bat toujours son plein Car nous chantons à tue-tête sur ta musique A mes yeux ces moments sont magiques Même si ton pote Johnny t'attend au ciel Oh Michel, toi tu es immortel La première fois que j'ai fait l'amour, je m'en rappellerai toujours car je pensais à toi Michel Oh Michel, comme toi je suis pour graver ton nom dans l'histoire pour toujours Nous te bâtirons un palace immense Au cœur de notre cher pays, la France. Tu es un chanteur fantastique Tu devrais faire de la politique Je t'emmenerai faire le tour du monde J'apprécierai chaque seconde, me blottir contre toi Michel Et Je te confierai mon corps Je t'aimerai jusqu'à ma mort Je ne te laisserai jamais partir Michel je t'aime à en mourir Je veux un enfant de toi Je t'appellerai mon roi Enfant béni des dieux Je veux te rendre heureux Petit ange tombé du ciel Tu es mon rayon de soleil Oh oui je saurai t'aimer Laisse moi te caresser Je t'aimerai jusqu'à mon dernier jour Laisse moi te faire l'amour A toi je veux m'abandonner Viens donc me féconder Car je pense sans cesse à toi Michel A jamais mon rayon de soleil


Drums recorded at Union Studio (SK) by Brad Wheeler in February 2019
Vocals recorded at GBN (SK) in February 2019
Guitars recorded in Limoges (FR) in April and Mexico city (MX) in October 2019
Mixed and mastered by Ricardo Gamondi in Italy in 2020


released September 4, 2020

All songs by Octopoulpe
All lyrics by Octopoulpe except "Shugeibu" by Yoshiko and "Ramasse tes dents" by Dominou

Main cover art by Julien Felix

Extra vocals on "Hokuto de cuisine" by Ben le Millionaire, Yukari, Ariko, Miwako and Kaori (from Ni-hao!)
Extra vocals on "Digou planet" by Billy le Millionaire
Vocals on "Cheap beer for cheap people" by Alfy, Aaron, Nevin and Oliver (from Struggle Session)
Vocals on "Shugeibu" by Yoshiko, Kaori and Keiko (from Shugeibu)
Vocals on "Korean proverbs" by Changeun, Dongwu and Kyunghoon
Vocals on "Ramasse tes dents" by Dominou
Vocals on "Piece of Crap" by Naoki (from Flipout A.A)
Extra vocals on "Nothing lasts" by Massam (from Till Ewing)
Extra vocals on "Undercover heroes" by the GBN crew
Extra vocals on "Save the octopus" by Kyle D., Ben le Millionaire, Joël, Mignon, Aurélien P., Zack M., Guillaume M., Ian W., Boris V., Graham P. and Dr Paeng
Saxophone solo on "Un rayon de Michel" by Boris Bijou V.


all rights reserved



Octopoulpe Seoul, South Korea

8 tentacles 1 man band / Geek-core
Born in a fish tank in Seoul, Octopoulpe is a half-naked creature playing tentacular music, from Math-rock to punk-hardcore. Thanks to his many tentacles, he can play drums and control other instruments and video-projections at the same time, allowing him to play with his digital self, as well as with many other guests. ... more

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