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by Octopoulpe

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Dwayne 01:54
I hate push ups and exercise. What a pain in the ass. I need to work on my six-pack. Anabolic steroids injection. I just wanna look like Dwayne Johnson. The Expendables, here I come, let me lift some weights. You thought I was one of you nerds, but I'm one of them. Let me swallow some pills and get bigger. I feel so powerful tonight. My body's changing don't you forget. It's just a matter of time. But I'm allergic to my own sweat. Diet postponed again. Strong as a rock. Stronger than the Rock. Fast & Furious, here I come. Get in the car, babe. You still think I am one of you nerds. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Dear president, welcome to the game. Let me explain the rules to you. You can do anything you want as long as you don't get caught. It's just like managing a zoo. Tell the people what to think, what to do. Let the media do the job. One more little bribe won't kill anyone. At least not those who are rich enough. Don't hesitate to crush them all. Those people are nothing. They deserve nothing. Why not help yourself a little more. So don't forget your bag of gold. Take a seat, fill your cup and enjoy the show. Run president, they want to burn you at the stake. Did you do something wrong? Sure you did lie to them, of course they couldn't understand. Pigeons only get the crumbs. Abuse of power, corruption. You played the game and you lost. You must reap what you sowed, it's bringing you to the end now.
Mais qu’est-ce que j’allais faire? Heureusement que t’étais là pour me donner ta lumière, toi qui penses à l’endroit. Tout le monde aimerait tant parler comme toi. Avoir l’air de tout savoir comme toi. Je pige tout de travers, mais je peux compter sur toi. Sur ton vocabulaire, pour me montrer la voie. Mais ferme ta gueule. Ferme bien ta gueule. Il apprend la vie à tous ceux qui veulent bien l’écouter. Il sait ce qu’il faut dire, faire, boire et manger. Lui, il connaît la vie, la tolérance, la vérité. Rien ne viendra bousculer ses idées arrêtées. Tu vois pas que tu m’écrases les nougats avec ta morale qu’en finit pas. Ça me met toujours dans cet état là quand j’en croise un comme toi. Ferme la bien ta gueule. Moi qui habituellement ne suis pas un gars méchant, je préfèrerais vraiment te le dire autrement, mais t’es chiant.
I feel sedated, I am so tired. I already heard all the songs on the radio. A few more hours to go, it doesn't matter. I won't rest my head until I'm back home. Losing faith. My mood goes up and down. Will there be people at the show tonight? I'm so late, I won't be there on time. The city lights are blinding me now. "Is it worth it?" Keeps running on my mind. Nervous breakdown. Again. Stay awake. I think I'm cracking up. No doubt I should have slept much more because I'm shaking, surrounded by shadows. So much time to think when I'm on the road. A car crash would simply end it all.
Scat Time 01:40
Does isolation make you suffer? 6 months locked up seems like forever. Sober up my friend, it's a good time to face your problems. But do you really wanna change? You're burning out. You shouldn't look so far. If you feel you're useless, it probably means you are. Shut up. Don't think. Just scat. It drives you insane. No more excuse to get wasted. I'm sick of your complaints.
A Dolph(in) 02:21
I've seen thousands of faces light up when they came through. I've seen too many skins soiled with a nasty tattoo. Black heart born with no soul. I've been totally obsessed with their whistles and clicks. That's why, at the end of the day I want to dance on their corpses. You can fool some but not all of us. You fill me with hatred and disgust. Ruthless. No guilt in the gaze. They wanna see you die. Anyway we will reveal to the world their true side. Violent predator with a sick mind and a smooth rubber texture to the touch. Rapes, killings. Infanticide. Am I wrong? Out of my sight. Today, I don't feel like eating a dish made of tofu. Even vegan, I'd rather have a bloody dolphin stew. Vermin. Dolphin. Die. Looks like you're a lovely creature but nothing's true. Someday, people will get what you really do. With a knife, I can erase that grin. Will you keep smiling if I remove your fin? A swastika is tattooed on your back. Raping other species is your fact. Emotionless roaches of the sea. For a dolphin slaughter you can count on me. To stop the spread, I'd do anything. Save the planet, eat a dolphin.
We passed the point of no return. Our hands are tied But nothing really matters. No nothing really matters. Don't expect anything better. We're standing in the front line. Wait for the human demise. Comfort blinded your eyes. The world is falling apart. We crossed the line. Vamos pues. No need to save the planet, without us it will be fine. Don't waste your time to blame the others. It's already too late. The countdown has started. There is no second chance. No turning back. We're running out of time. I wouldn't mind if we all die. Pasamos el punto sin retorno. Nuestras manos estan atadas. Realmente nada importa. No esperes nada mejor. Estamos en el frente. If we survive from nuclear wars, global warming awaits behind. Realmente nada importa. Estamos fuera de tiempo. We heard but we didn't listen to all the warnings and signs.
Looping 02:03
Two teeth sunk into soft gums. Born as an extreme right wing scum. Biting people, sucking their blood. Then turning them to Nazi Punks. Looping. At the top of the food chain. Terrorizing the mountain. He's a vampire who can face the sun. Children and parents are afraid. Begging for some free stuff at your shows. He keeps drinking strong booze in his cave. The story tells he will bury us all.
Pissed Off 03:03
I don't get it. The world is in chaos with a pre-programmed self-destruction. I'm sick of politics. All is a mess. The rise of the far right feeds my depression. I'm so pissed off. Yes I'm pissed off. This billionaire just earned 10 grand in a second while my neighbors don't get enough money to get through the month. Fuck this. The gap between them and us is widening so how do you want me to calm my nerves? You shouldn't expect me to smile because I am boiling inside. Time bomb. No you shouldn't cross my road. Be away when I'll explode. Too lazy to leave my bed, I remain in my dirt. I have no motivation. Dry throat and bloodshot eyes, I'm about to collapse. My head is full of cracks. Full of frustration. Do you need some action? When will you finally learn your lesson? You missed another opportunity to shut up, I'm so pissed off. My ears puke again when the radio turns on, I'm so pissed off. Do me a favor, just ignore my existence because I'm pissed off. I don't wanna talk, no I don't wanna hear this shit because I'm just pissed off.
Une fourgonnette s'arrête pour attiser la colère. Gratter une allumette. Mettre le feu à la fourmilière. Dans un excès de zèle, tu frappes encore plus fort. On ne compte plus les blessures. Les discussions s'enveniment. Trop de points de suture. Il n'y a plus assez de fil. J'peux plus respirer. Un coup de matraque sur la nuque pour faire respecter l'ordre. Puis pendant quelques minutes, un genou sur la gorge. Du sang coule encore sur les pavés.
Pack and discourage. Up the one nine two. Meet Catherine's governer. Sandbagged bronze Richelieu. Rage against the cities and what they represent. Urbicidal fury. A price on my head. Odessa is hot tonight. Twice the knocking. Sirens howl. Down to the boiler. Arcs of fire abound. Infiltrated agents underground. Ominous flotilla anchored down. Buyan M style. Ropucha class. Movska. 5300 ground to air. Rage against the cities for what they represent. Urbicidal fury. A price on my head. A bounty of a million for the angel of death.
Not fooled. I'm smarter than that. That's why I'm wearing a foil hat. They tried but it's too late. I won't put that back on my face. I'd rather die than lose control. This pandemic doesn't exist. Conspiracy. Useless. When I wear it I just cannot breathe normally Germ nest to eradicate. They no longer want us to be free Deprive me of my freedom. The plan of mass extinction. Bring your leash and wear your muzzle. Bring your leash and wear your mask.
Lucha Libre 02:44
In one of the most homophobic countries in the world they stand in the ring to fight machismo. Less testosterone in the air when they come. Pink mask and perfume with a message of love. Use your muscles to serve the cause. This is really much more than a show. Rudy Rey, you opened the door. La mama de los exóticos. Queen of the ring, blow me a kiss. And teach the masses. Manhood no longer rules. There's a problem, you are the tool. Tonight some dickheads are slurring at you but you don't give a shit. It's something you get used to. Working on changing people's minds. You're the soldiers and we're standing on your side. Art and violence. Discrimination is the cancer. La lucha is your answer. Respect and tolerance. Lucha. Lucha Libre. Who's winning is not that important. Driven by passion or wrath, many more follow the path. Queens of the ring, blow us some kisses, then kick some asses.


Drums recorded in August 2022 at Vesubio Grabaciones (MX) by Miguel Fraino
Guitars recorded in August 2022 at Yox (MX) by Memo Ibarra
Mixed by Kurt Ballou @ GodCity Studio
Mastered by Francisco Sánchez


released May 12, 2023

All songs by Octopoulpe
All lyrics by Octopoulpe except "Carrure de leader" by Reuno and "Odessa is hot tonight" by Antony Thomas
Cover art by Miriam Rosas

Vocals on "Dwayne" by Gastón Prado Róo
Main vocals on "Dear President" by Caspin (recorded at Binary Studios / Korea)
Vocals on "Carrure de Leader" by Reuno
Vocals on "Scat time" by Sebastián Samaniego
Main vocals on "A dolph(in)" by Normand Luna, Topsy & Ana Cristina Moreno
Vocals on "Nothing Matters" by Grito (Jimmy, Yoyo, Ken & Isaac)
Vocals on "Looping" by Mounet, Dav, Hophop & Damien
Main vocals on "Pissed off" by Jordi Alacont
Main vocals on "Un genou sur la gorge" by le Crabe
Vocals on "Odessa is hot tonight" by Antony Thomas
Extra vocals on "I won’t put that back on my face" by Sipri Pussinen
Main vocals on "Lucha Libre" by Angel Perry


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Octopoulpe Mexico City, Mexico

8 tentacles 1 man band / Geek-core
Born in a fish tank in Seoul, Octopoulpe is a half-naked creature playing tentacular music, from Math-rock to punk-hardcore. Thanks to his many tentacles, he can play drums and control other instruments and video-projections at the same time, allowing him to play with his digital self, as well as with many other guests. ... more

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